Drive in Jordan with a Saudi License and Conversion Process

drive in jordan with a saudi license.

You are allowed to drive in Jordan with a Saudi license if you’re considering driving in Jordan with a Saudi license. In that case, familiarising yourself with the local driving regulations, car rental procedures, and the process to convert your Saudi license to a Jordanian one is crucial.

Driving in Jordan with a Saudi License

Venturing on a driving journey in Jordan with a Saudi license is entirely possible, with many Saudi license holders successfully traversing the Jordanian roads. However, the specifics can hinge on your stay’s length and your objectives in the country.

Short-term Stay and Renting Cars

Driving with a Saudi license is generally acceptable for temporary visitors to Jordan, such as tourists or business travellers. This is particularly the case if you’re renting a car, as many car rental companies in Jordan accept a valid Saudi license and an international driving permit.

Confirming this with your rental company is always wise to prevent any unforeseen complications.

Driving as a Tourist

With a Saudi license, you can drive as a tourist in Amman, Jordan’s capital city. However, carrying your Saudi license and an international driving permit is advisable.

Shipping Your Car from Saudi Arabia to Jordan

Your Saudi license should suffice if you intend to transport your car from Saudi Arabia to Jordan for temporary use. This is a viable alternative for those planning a more extended stay in Jordan without the intention of becoming permanent residents.

Renting a Car in Jordan

If you’re planning to drive in Jordan with a Saudi license, car rentals can provide a convenient solution, offering the flexibility to explore at your own pace and evade potential issues with public transportation.

Here’s what you need to know about car rentals in Jordan.

Car Rental Procedures

Renting a car in Jordan is a straightforward process. Both international and local car rental companies operate in Jordan. You can book your car online ahead of your trip or rent one upon arrival.

You must present your Saudi license and sometimes an international driving permit. Companies may also require a credit card for security reasons.

Selecting the Right Vehicle

Your choice of vehicle can significantly influence your driving experience in Jordan. A standard car should suffice for city drives and well-maintained highways. However, if you plan to explore rural areas or rough terrains, a 4×4 vehicle is recommended.

Insurance and Extra Charges

When renting a car, understanding the insurance coverage provided by the rental company is essential. Comprehensive coverage is recommended for protection against potential damages or accidents. Read the rental agreement carefully to understand any additional charges, such as for extra drivers, GPS systems, or child seats.

Driving Rules and Etiquette

Once you have your rental car, following local driving rules and etiquette is important. Driving in Jordan may differ from driving in Saudi Arabia, so always stay alert and practice defensive driving.

Procedure for Converting a Saudi License to a Jordanian Driving License

If you plan to drive in Jordan for an extended period, consider converting your foreign license to a Jordanian driving license. This process allows you to obtain a Jordanian permit without undergoing a theoretical or practical examination, provided you meet specific requirements.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this process, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Hold a valid foreign driving license.
  • Obtain an approval letter from His Excellency the Minister of Interior to be exempted from the technical examination.

Required Documents

You will need to provide the following documents:

  • An approval letter for the conversion from His Excellency the Minister of Interior.
  • A recent colour photograph (4 x 6).
  • A valid civil status ID.
  • Proof of military service for Jordanian males born in 1989 AD or above.
  • A valid annual residence permit for those covered by the residence law.
  • Security approval from the General Intelligence for restricted nationalities.
  • A translation of the foreign license if it is not in Arabic or English.
  • The original foreign license provided that it is valid.

Procedure and Timeline

The process involves several steps, including a review by the Ministry of the Interior, a medical examination, and a comprehensive transaction review. The entire process, including the theory and practical examination and issuance of the license, can take up to 90 minutes.


The fees for issuing a license vary depending on the license duration and whether the applicant is Jordanian or non-Jordanian.

For Jordanians, a ten-year license costs 134.0 Dinar. For non-Jordanians, a one-year license costs 119.70 Dinar, and a ten-year license costs 254.70 Dinar.

drive in Jordan with a Saudi license

Driving in Jordan with a Foreign License

A venture to Jordan, steering through its roads with a Saudi license, can offer a distinct and exhilarating adventure, especially for those familiar with Saudi Arabia’s roads.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to comprehend the driving conditions and regulations in Jordan before embarking on your journey.

Essential Road Rules and Regulations

As in Saudi Arabia, Jordanian traffic rules dictate that vehicles drive on the right-hand side of the road. Seat belts are compulsory for all vehicle occupants, and children under 5 years of age must be secured in a child car seat.

Depending on the type of road, speed limits range from 120 km/h on highways to 50 km/h in urban zones. With speed cameras frequently deployed, abiding by these speed limits is necessary.

Traffic and Road Conditions

The state of the roads in Jordan can vary considerably. Within cities like Amman, the roads are typically well-kept, though traffic can be dense during rush hours.

Outside urban areas, driving conditions can be more challenging with narrow, winding, and inadequately lit roads. The King’s Highway, one of Jordan’s primary routes, offers stunning vistas but necessitates careful driving due to its steep inclines and sharp bends.

Safety Precautions on the Road

Prioritizing safety is crucial when driving in Jordan with a Saudi license. Despite Jordanians’ reputation for hospitality, their driving behaviour can occasionally be erratic.

Drivers overtaking in dangerous situations or neglecting to use indicators when switching lanes are not uncommon. Therefore, practising defensive driving is strongly advised.

Furthermore, be mindful of encountering animals on the road, especially in rural regions.

Utilizing GPS for Navigation

In Jordan, the majority of drivers rely on GPS systems for navigation. Google Maps and Waze are popular choices and generally provide accurate directions. 

However, it’s prudent to have an alternative plan, such as an offline or physical map, in case of signal issues.

Additional Tips for Driving in Jordan with a Saudi License

Apart from the crucial aspects of driving in Jordan with a Saudi license, here are some further tips to facilitate a safer and smoother driving experience:

  • Understanding Road Signs: Road signs in Jordan are typically bilingual (Arabic and English), aiding non-Arabic speakers in navigating the roads. Nonetheless, getting acquainted with the most common road signs before hitting the road is advisable. A free application is available for downloading to review road signs.
  • Handling Police Checks: Police checks are frequent in Jordan, particularly on highways and during nighttime. If you’re stopped, remain composed, respect the officers, and present the required documents, such as your driving license and car rental papers.
  • Refuelling: Jordanian gas stations are predominantly full-service, where staff members fill your vehicle’s gas tank. Tipping the attendant a small amount is customary, especially if they provide extra services like windshield cleaning.
  • Nighttime Driving: Due to inadequate lighting on some roads, driving in Jordan after dark poses challenges. If uncomfortable with such conditions, plan your travel to avoid nighttime driving.
  • Emergency Contacts: You must save local emergency numbers in your phone. The general emergency number in Jordan is 911.


With the proper knowledge and preparation, your driving experience in Jordan with a Saudi license can be straightforward and enjoyable. Getting to grips with the general driving rules in Jordan, along with the specifics of the car rental and license conversion procedures, will ensure a trouble-free journey. 

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  1. Very misleading and ambiguous. I came here to see if I can drive in Jordan on a Saudi license and whether or not I need an IDP/Licence. I read this, for example, you should ‘sometimes’ present an IDP, and it’s ‘advisable’ to travel with an IDP. What good is that, honestly? Do you need one, or not?


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