Driving License Fees Saudi Arabia – 2023

Saudi Arabia Driving License Fees

We already have shared the procedure for Saudi Driving License and in this article, we are going to learn about driving license fees in Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia, different driving licenses have different fees. These licenses have an annual renewal fee as well. If you lose your driving license, you must pay 100 Saudi Riyals. How much is the fee for a driver’s license in 2023? Here is the detailed license fee for different types of driving licenses.

Driving License Fees 2023

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with different types of driving licenses:

  1. Private Driving License: This is for private vehicle owners. The initial and annual renewal fee is SR 40. If lost, the replacement fee is SR 100.
  2. Public Driving License: This is for those who drive public vehicles. The initial and annual renewal fee is the same as the private license, i.e., SR 40. The replacement fee, if lost, is also SR 100.
  3. Public Work License: For those who drive for public work purposes, the fees are a bit higher. Both the initial and annual renewal fee is SR 100. In case of loss, the replacement fee is SR 100.
  4. Motorbike License: For motorbike riders, the initial and annual renewal fee is SR 20. If lost, the replacement fee is SR 100.
  5. Temporary Driving License: This temporary permit has an initial fee of SR 100. However, there’s no annual renewal fee. The replacement fee, in case of loss, is SR 100.
TypeAnnual FeesAnnual RenewalLost and Replacement
Private Driving LicenseSR 40SR 40SR 100
Public Driving LicenseSR 40SR 40SR 100
Public Work LicenseSR 100SR 100SR 100
Motorbike LicenseSR 20SR 20SR 100
Temporary Driving LicenseSR 100SR 100

Knowing these fees can help you manage your budget, especially if you’re planning to apply for a new license or renew your existing one. Stay tuned for more updates and useful information about driving in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. Hi, I am struggling to locate a facility where I can obtain my police clearance for motorbike license.
    I’m based in Al Khobar, appreciate if you can guide me

  2. sir,

    iam mohamed jahir hussain from india. i loss my original saudi driving license. now iam living in dubai. how to get my origal saudi license from dubai to saudi. i have only photo copy of license. how much i pay penalty amount. please tell me the information


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