Headlight Fine in Saudi Arabia: Tips and Tricks

headlight fine in saudi arabia

Driving at night or in bad weather conditions can be dangerous, especially if your headlights are not working properly. In Saudi Arabia, there are strict laws in place regarding the use of headlights, and failing to use them properly can result in a fine.

The Law on Headlight Use in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the law is clear about the use of headlights. The two main points are:

  1. Not using necessary lights at night or while driving in bad weather conditions.
  2. Driving a vehicle inside tunnels without lights.

Let’s delve deeper into these points.

Use of Lights at Night or in Bad Weather

The law mandates that all drivers must use their headlights from sunset to sunrise. Additionally, headlights must be used in bad weather conditions such as fog, rain, or sandstorms, where visibility is significantly reduced.

Use of Lights in Tunnels

The law also stipulates that drivers must use their headlights when driving through tunnels, regardless of the time of day. This is to ensure that the driver can see clearly and that other drivers can see their vehicle.

The headlight laws in Saudi Arabia state that all vehicles must use their headlights at night and in bad weather conditions. This includes fog, rain, snow, and dust storms. Headlights must be turned on at least 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes after sunrise.

Fine for Not Using Headlights in Saudi Arabia

The Headlight Fine

Failure to adhere to these laws can result in a headlight fine. The fine for not using headlights when required in Saudi Arabia is a fine of not less than one hundred and five hundred Riyals (SAR 500) and not more than nine hundred Riyals (SAR 900). This fine is imposed to ensure that all drivers comply with the law and prioritize safety.

Points on Your License

In addition to the fine, drivers may also receive points on their licenses. If the number of points recorded against a driver reaches 24 points within one Hijri year, the driving license could be revoked or suspended for a period ranging from three months to one year, depending on the frequency of the violation.

How to Avoid the Headlight Fine

There are a few things you can do to avoid a headlight fine in Saudi Arabia:

  • Make sure that your headlights are working properly. Replace any faulty bulbs immediately.
  • Use your headlights at night and in bad weather conditions.
  • Be aware of the headlight laws in Saudi Arabia.

We have compiled a list of Saudi traffic fines and penalties. If you would like to learn about other traffic fines and violations.

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