How to Change Car Color in Saudi Arabia?

How to Change Car Color in Saudi Arabia?

How to change the color of your car in Saudi Arabia, the process of changing the colour of the car is straightforward and this is what we will explain in this article. It’s sometimes tempting to change the color of one’s own vehicle, for a sense of renewal and change. Simple methods can be used to complete this process. Some car agencies or car workshops in Saudi Arabia offer this service.

How to Change Car Color in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has developed a set of procedures and controls that must be followed first in order to be able to change the colour of your car.

For the new car color to be legally approved, there are many legal procedures and steps to follow.

Requirements to Change Vehicle Color in Saudi Arabia

  • There is a form designed for this purpose. All data must be entered on this form. To get this form go to the information centre in the General Traffic Department
  • It is required that the car’s owner be present or someone acting on his behalf bring a certified authorisation requesting a color change.
  • You must bring the original car form.
  • Saudis must bring a copy of their personal status card.
  • For non-Saudis, a copy of their residence permit is required.
  • To change the color of a car, you must submit a request to inspect it and receive a form. Following an inspection, the request form will be signed, and the vehicle will be sent to the agency or workshop for color changes.
  • After the car has been painted, it must be taken to the General Traffic Department Information Center for an inspection and amendments to the form and the computer.
  • Through the teller (ATM), pay the fifty riyals fee for replacing the lost form.
  • The receipt of payment and the new passage form should be given to replace the old one. A maximum of twenty minutes is required for this process to be completed.

Car Color Change Procedure

You must have the car form and the status card (for Saudi citizens) or a photo of your residence (for non-Saudi citizens) in order to change the color of your car legally. If you don’t have these, then changing the colour would be illegal.

Steps to Paint a Car and Change Its Color

  • Spray rust-resistant materials on car surfaces to help fill in scratches.
  • According to the packaging, you should wait a certain amount of time after applying the primer.
  • Once the surfaces have been polished, gently buff them.
  • Using wax or acetone, clean the surface of dust and oil.
  • According to the manufacturer’s instructions, apply the final paint to the car’s surfaces in a thin layer.
  • The paint should be left to dry completely and the car should not be exposed to dust during this time.
  • Make sure the surfaces are smooth, clean them of residues, and allow them to dry.
  • Make sure the paint is polished very carefully.

How Much Does a Color Change on a Car Cost

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry and General Transport Authority are introducing car colour-changing services at a very low cost. Replacement of the lost form costs 50 riyals.

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