How to Get a Motorcycle License in Saudi Arabia

procedure saudi motorcycle license

Most of you know how to get a car driving license in Saudi Arabia but don’t know how to get a motorcycle license in Saudi Arabia. Today we are going to learn about how to get a motorcycle driving license in Saudi Arabia.

Requirements for Saudi Motorcycle Driving License

  • You must be 16 years of age. (Hijri)
  • Fill out the basic requirements form.
  • Four photos of size (4X6) cm.
  • A copy of Iqama.
  • A copy of the passport.
  • Letter from the guardian.
  • Pay the license fee.
  • Good Conduct and Behaviour Certificate is required. Get it from an official authority.
  • An approved identification letter.
  • And a file to save these documents.

Procedure of Saudi Motorcycle Driving License

  1. The motorcycle driving license procedure is easy. First of all, visit a nearby Dallah driving school and let them know you want to register for a bike driving license.
  2. The school will give you a paper and take this paper to the government office in Batha. The Government office will do some background checks but don’t worry.
  3. You will get the same paper back in three days. Submit it to the driving school.
  4. There will be a very basic practical test. If you perform the task you will get the driving license. You can ask the nearby bike dealers and they can guide you on what to expect in the test.
  5. You have a Saudi Motorbike license.

Saudi Motorcycle License Fee

The fee is 20 Saudi Riyals there is no annual fee but if you lost the license or need a replacement then you have to pay more. You can read more about it Driving License Fees in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Motorcycle Computer Theory Test Question

There is no computer theory test. The instructor can ask you about some road signals. Sometimes the instructor gives you some road signs to remember and then he asks about 3-4 signs. If differs from school to school.

If you want to learn more about Saudi Driving License, Fines, Penalties and Road Signs then download our official app.

Saudi driving license test dallah app
iphone saudi driving license test app

Saudi Motorcycle Practical Test

The motorcycle practical test is very simple. They ask you to make an “8” with the motorcycle and if you do it without using your feet, you pass.

NOTE: Different branches have different bikes and it is possible they might not have a motorcycle at all. In that case, they will let you know and you can borrow from a friend.

Renew Driving License

Once you have obtained a motorcycle driving license in Saudi Arabia, it is important to understand the process of renewing your license. The renewal process can be completed online. Before submitting an application for renewal, you must ensure that all required documents are provided and up-to-date.

Waheed Akhtar
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  1. I already have driving license and motorcycle license in Malaysia
    How to do this in Saudi Arabia applying for both international driving license?

  2. How to Apply Motorcycle License (Darrajah Nariyah) in KSA, You need the following;

    •4 Passport sized Photos with White Background
    •Iqama Copy
    •Medical Certificate (obtained from Any Clinic)
    •Head Helmet is must (Then only they’ll stamp)
    •Existing Car Driving License(is must, if you have)
    •Criminal Record Certificate (they will arrange after you pay, it may take up-to 20 days)

    •Form fees 15 SAR (Don’t Remember)
    •License Fees 250 (for 10 years)/125(5years)
    •Driving Class Fees-115/-

    NOTE: This information is correct as November 2020
    May change in future

  3. I’ve been trying to get a licence in Saudi Arabia for about 8 weeks. I’ve now given up. I’ve been to dallah, done the criminal record check, even rode the bike at the test center. Spent about 4 days trying over and over again. I’ve now given up. Which is a shame because this has actually made me seriously consider leaving the country and going back to UK

  4. Is that true that is all the motorcycle is not allowed to run anymore here in saudi arabia with or without proper licence??

  5. I want to apply for motorbike license, Any one can please write me first steps! (completing the documents ? ) or has to go to Dallah and check with them.

  6. Hello sir
    I have small chinese motorcycle now i want to put number plate,what is the procedure for this??? Do i need to make license at first or without license i can put plate and also what is the driving fines for motorcycle ??plz someone suggest me,i live in alkhobar saudi plz guide me step by step thank you alll

  7. I have already Indian two wheel license. There have any option replace to Saudi 2 wheel license like 4 wheeler? And is this possible in Jeddah?

  8. hi i have 18years driving instructor experience i am female pakistani working in uae if any vacancy in saudi arabia it will be my good luck to work in saudi arabia

  9. This post is very informative. Thanks to the author. Hope someone can help me out.

    I have a British drivers license which permits me to drive a Car and ride a motorcycle. I am told in KSA you need to have 2 separate licenses. I got my Saudi car driver’s license by showing the British license a month ago. How do I do the same to get a motorcycle license. On Absher I do not see a separate appointment category to replace motorcycle license.

    Unfortunately there is no guidance on the internet or government websites.

    Any help will be much appreciated


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