Registration Plates Fees Saudi Arabia – 2023

licence plates registration fees in Saudi Arabia

When it comes to vehicle ownership in Saudi Arabia, understanding the license plate registration system is crucial. It not only helps you stay compliant with the law but also allows you to manage your expenses better.

In this article, we will delve into the different types of license plates available, their respective registration fees, and the process of renewing your driver’s license.

Number Plate Registration Fee

Saudi Arabia offers six main types of driving licenses, each associated with a different kind of vehicle or purpose. Depending on the type of driving license you hold, you’ll be assigned a unique license plate for your vehicle. Along with the different types of driving licenses in Saudi Arabia, there are also different types of number plates.

One critical aspect of maintaining your driving privileges is ensuring your license remains valid. To renew your Saudi driving license, you must begin the renewal process before your current license expires. For a step-by-step guide on how to renew your Saudi driving license.

While the registration fees for license plates vary depending on the type of vehicle, the annual renewal fee remains constant across all vehicle types. Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of these costs:

Saudi Arabia Registration Plates Fees

TypeAnnual FeesAnnual Renewal
Private Vehicle PlateSR 100SR 100
Private Truck PlateSR 100SR 200
Bus Plate PrivateSR 100SR 200
Taxi PlateSR 100SR 200
Public Vehicle PlateSR 100SR 400
Public Bus PlateSR 100SR 400
Motorbike PlateSR 100SR 100
Public Work Vehicle PlateSR 100SR 100
Temporary PlateSR 300SR 300
Diplomatic PlateSR 100SR 100
Exportation PlateSR 100SR 100
Trailer / Half Trailer Truck PlateSR 100SR 100

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As you can see, most types of plates carry a uniform annual fee and renewal cost of SR 100, with Temporary Plates being a notable exception at SR 300. You can get a replacement license plate for SR 100 if you lose yours

To conclude, understanding the cost structure of license plate registration and renewal in Saudi Arabia can help you better plan for the costs associated with vehicle ownership. Whether you drive a private vehicle, a public bus, or a motorbike, staying informed about these fees is the first step to a smoother journey on Saudi Arabian roads.

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