How to Renew Vehicle Registration (Istimara) in Saudi Arabia

how to renew istimara

In Saudi Arabia, the vehicle registration document, known as “Istimara”, is as essential as your driving license. Ensuring your Istimara is current is vital to legally operate a vehicle on Saudi roads.

The Istimara get expired after every three years. Istimara is vehicle registration. Here is the complete procedure to renew vehicle registration (Istimara) in Saudi Arabia.

Requirements for Istimara Renewal

Before you start the renewal process, there are some prerequisites:

  • The vehicle should be insured. Ensure you have valid motor insurance coverage.
  • Pass the Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection (MVPI), also known as Fahas. Your vehicle needs to be in good condition according to Saudi traffic laws.

Remember, you cannot proceed with your Istimara renewal without meeting these prerequisites.

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Fahas (Vehicle Inspection)

The Fahas is a mandatory vehicle inspection to ensure your vehicle meets the required safety and road-worthiness standards. You can get your vehicle inspected at any authorized Fahas center. After the inspection, you will receive a Fahas certificate, valid for one year.

It’s advisable to get your vehicle serviced before the Fahas test to improve your chances of passing.

Vehicle Insurance

You should have valid vehicle insurance before renewing your Istimara. There are several insurance providers in Saudi Arabia offering a range of packages. You can purchase or renew your vehicle insurance online or visit the insurance provider’s office.

The insurance company will directly send your insurance data to the traffic department’s system.

Vehicle Registration Fee in Saudi Arabia

First thing first, you must be aware of the vehicle registration or Istimara fee. The table also has a renewal fee.

TypeAnnual FeesAnnual RenewalLost and ReplacementTransfer Fee
Private Vehicle RegistrationSR 100SR 100SR 100SR 150
Private Truck RegistrationSR 200SR 200SR 100SR 150
Minibus RegistrationSR 200SR 200SR 100SR 150
Taxi Vehicle RegistrationSR 200SR 200SR 100SR 300
Public Vehicle RegistrationSR 400SR 400SR 100SR 300
Public Bus RegistrationSR 400SR 400SR 100SR 300
Motorbike RegistrationSR 100SR 100SR 100SR 150
Public Work Vehicle RegistrationSR 300SR 300SR 100SR 30

Istimara Renewal Procedure and Requirements

MOI Absher offers online services where you can do pretty much everything. You can pay the fines, check the outstanding dues, and pay the vehicle registration fee. Create an MOI Absher account only then we can proceed further. 

How to Pay for Renew Vehicle Registration

There are different ways to pay the Istimara renewal fee. The Istimara renewal fee is 300 Saudi Riyal. It used to be 150 Riyals, but now it is 300 SR. You can deposit this amount using your bank account, ATM, or through the Sadad account.

Pay Outstanding Dues

If you have any outstanding dues like traffic violations, then you have to clear these dues first. You can pay all the dues via Bank, Tahweel al Rajhi, or Quick Pay. You can check it using the Absher account. 

Validity of Istimara

Absher will update your vehicle registration if it is going to expire in 180 days or six months. Update your Istimara before the expiry date. You can check the expiry date on your Istimara card. If it is missing, then you can check on the Absher account. 

Steps to Renew Istimara

After you have fulfilled all the requirements, it is now time to renew your istimara or vehicle registration. You can do it easily using the Absher app or web portal. This video is in the Urdu language, but you can mute it follow the steps 🙂

Collect Istimara

If you have the new Istimara card, then you don’t have to visit any office. Just renew it online. The new Istimara card does not have a written expiry date. But if you have an old one, you can visit the Muroor office and collect it physically. You can also receive it using Wasel Service.

Istimara Collection Center Riyadh

If you are from Jeddah, you can visit the Traffic Police center and collect the Istimara.

Location: 6703 Ali Al Fazari, Al Munsiyah, 3640, Riyadh 13253, Saudi Arabia
Timings: 7 AM to 2 PM

Istimara Collection Center Jeddah

You can get it from the Traffic Police center. 

Location: Mishrifah, Jeddah 23341, Saudi Arabia

Timings: 7 AM to 2 PM

Istimara Collection Center Makkah

In Makkah, the Istimara center is near Naseem District on Fatima Al Zahra Road, next to Al Rajhi Masjid. 

Location: Fatimah Az Zahra, An Naseem, Mecca 24245, Saudi Arabia

Timings: 7 AM to 2 PM

Most Asked Question.

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  1. my istimara on 30 january and my fahas expires on 10 February can I renew my istimara now or it requires minimum 3 months in my fahas to renew my istimara.

    • As i know you should have at least 3 months expiry in your istimara to request for renewal. You can proceed for your istimara renewal as long as you have still 23-days remaining in Fahas expiry.
      Pay the istimara fee through your bank account and follow the procedure @ Absher.

  2. My istimara card has no expiry date
    Do I still need to go to Morror to collect a new card?
    …..I am asking this as previously, it was mandatory to collect new card within a week of renewal of vehicle registration
    …. else fine


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