Saudi Driving License Book

Saudi driving license book

If you want to download the Saudi driving license book or want to learn about its content then you are at the right place. You can find below the Saudi driving license book pdf link (at the end of this article). You can read it online or you can download it.

Saudi Driving License Book Content

We explained the Saudi driver’s license procedure and you can use this book to understand the important rules for driving in Saudi Arabia. The book is divided into 9 different segments. Each segment represents different but core information about driving and safety. Here is the table of content.

  • To whom this manual
  • Driving License and important information
  • Traffic rules and regulations
  • Road and traffic signs
  • Safe driving
  • Sharing the road with others
  • The vehicle
  • Traffic accidents
  • Behavior that leads to license suspension

To Whom This Manual

This section shows information if this manual is for you or not. It is mainly for:

  • Applicants for driving permit
  • Applicants for driving license.

Driving License and Important Information

In this section, you will learn about the basic requirements of driving license. This segment has information about Computer Theory Test and Practical Test

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Saudi driving license test dallah app
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Traffic Rules and Regulations

Traffic has rules that must be observed. The following are some of these rules:

  • Speed limits
  • Driving lanes
  • The right-of-way
  • Rules of passing
  • Prohibited passing situations
  • Vision and stoppage distance
  • Keep safe distance

Road and Traffic Signs

A road is not merely the path designated for the vehicles only but it also includes the shoulders, sidewalks, bicycles lanes, buses and vehicles parking. There are also pedestrian’s crosswalks and emergency and maintenance vehicles lanes. Learn the priority of each sign in the Saudi driver’s manual.

As a driver, you need to understand all the road rules and traffic signs. The most important traffic signs are:

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are used to acquaint the drivers and all the road users with traffic regulations prohibitions and restrictions that should be observed while driving or using the road. It includes:

  • Prohibition Signs
  • Mandatory Signs

Warning Signs

The white triangular signs with red frames indicate warning or hazard.

Guide Signs

Guide signs are used to guide and direct the drivers and all road users to the towns, villages and other important locations along the journey.

Work Zone Signals

A work zone means that part of the road is under maintenance and excavation works which causes the slowdown of traffic.

Safe Driving

Safe driving is all about how to become a good driver. There is general information that every driver has to follow.

Understanding of traffic signs is one of the key aspects of being a good driver. Saudi driving manual has all the information that a driver needs.

Sharing the Road with Others

A road does not belong to a driver. As a driver, you will be sharing the road with pedestrians, bicycles, school children and emergency vehicles. There could be road works. Follow the traffic rules and respect the rights of other road users.

The Vehicle

Taking care of the vehicle and conducting periodical maintenance is one of the important factors that contribute to reducing the numbers of traffic accidents. Before each journey please check tires, breaks and gas. Always carry an emergency first aid kit.

Traffic Accidents

In most cases driver choose one of three options to avoid accidents: Stop quickly, veer the vehicle or accelerate the speed. In this section, you will learn about each of them.

Behaviour That Leads to License Suspension

Abiding the traffic regulation and instructions is the major pre-requisite to avoid being involved in actions that might lead to suspension of the driving license and disqualify the driver from driving.

Saudi Driving License Book Questions

Each segment of the Saudi driving license manual has a set of multiple options questions. Go through the whole book then try to answer those questions with correct answers.

Download Saudi Driver’s Manual.

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