Saudi Driving License Test Mobile App

saudi driving license mobile app

Saudi Driving License Test Mobile App can help you to pass your computer test without any problem. Getting a Saudi driving license is a different kind of challenge. To get your driving license, You have to pay attention to every small detail, especially when it cost you a fortune. 

Saudi driving license test app contains all the exam questions. You can prepare for the computer test anytime, anywhere and as you like. It has all the latest computer test questions and answers. 

Saudi Driving License App Features.

There is a reasonable list of feature, but we are going to mention the important ones:

  • Very user-friendly interface and a well thought colour scheme. 
  • It has all the computer test questions and answers.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Multiple languages support. 
  • A strong social Facebook community to help each other.  
  • All the essential question in a glance.
  • Driving Procedure is divided into steps. Step by step guide. 
  • All the traffic signs and road signals
  • Complete list of traffic violations and penalties.
  • Feedback at the end of each test. 

Download Saudi Driving License Test Mobile App

App User Interface

Saudi Traffic Signals and Road Signs.

If you violate a traffic signal or road sign, there will be a considerable high fine. You might even lose your driving license. In the app, there is a complete section about Traffic signals and road signs. Learn these signs before it is too late.

Saudi Traffic Violations 

Speaking of Saudi Traffic Violations and fines, I think you already are aware of strict traffic laws in Saudi Arabia. You can learn about traffic violations and penalties on our website, and the same information is available in the app. Learn on the go.

Saudi Driving License Procedure.

There are a lot of steps involved in Saudi driving license, and sometimes it becomes overwhelming. This app shares information about each step like what you have to do next and what documents you need. 

Multiple Languages Support. 

Another good thing the application is available in multiple languages. Currently 

  • Saudi driving license computer test questions in Arabic
  • Saudi driving license computer test questions in English and
  • Saudi driving license computer test questions in Urdu

In future updates, the developers have promised to add more languages. 

Saudi Driving License Facebook Group 

The app has built a social Facebook community. Where you can ask your questions, and other members can answer those questions. We have a link of Saudi Driving License Facebook group


We are pretty much happy with this mobile application. The necessary features are there. It is up to date, and the developers are committed to making it a perfect app. We highly recommend you to download this app. 

I'm Waheed Akhtar, a driving enthusiast in Saudi Arabia. My passion for road safety and education drives me to share valuable insights from my personal journey. Let's connect.



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