How To Transfer Car Ownership in Saudi Arabia

Vehicle Ownership Transfer Conditions

In Saudi Arabia, the process of transferring ownership of a car is fairly simple and straightforward. It should be noted that transferring ownership of the car is part of the buying and selling process, which requires legal documentation.

Let’s familiarize ourselves with the documents required for transferring ownership and let’s find out how you transfer ownership of a vehicle.

Transfer Car Ownership in Saudi Arabia

While the process of transferring ownership of a car has changed, it still requires both the seller and the buyer to visit a car showroom or office responsible for car registration, despite the fact that it takes little time and effort to transfer ownership to the seller and buyer.

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Car Ownership Transfer Fee

Saudi Arabia charges SR 380 for transferring car ownership, of which SR 150 is paid through SADAD. The buyer will pay the remaining SR 230 on top of the vehicle’s cost. Listed below are all of the fees involved in changing ownership of vehicles in Saudi Arabia:

  • Transferring ownership in the Kingdom is arranged as follows: 
  • 150 riyals for transferring vehicle ownership with a special driving license.
  • It costs 150 riyals to transfer vehicle ownership with a special driving license. 
  • A vehicle with a private transport license can be transferred for 150 riyals. 
  • There is a 150 riyal fee for transferring ownership of a vehicle with a minibus driving license.
  • There is a fee of 300 riyals for transferring ownership of a taxi driving license.
  • The fee for transferring ownership of a vehicle with a public transport license is 300 riyals.
  • There is a fee of 300 riyals for transferring ownership of a vehicle with a public bus driving license. 
  • It costs 150 riyals to transfer ownership of a vehicle with a motorcycle license. Fees for transferring ownership of a vehicle with a public works vehicle driving license are 150 riyals.

Requirements for Car Ownership Transfer

The process of transferring ownership of cars is carried out through approved car showrooms, which are linked to the General Directorate of Traffic’s databases. Vehicle ownership can be transferred under the following conditions:

  • Validity of the periodic vehicle inspection form. 
  • Neither the buyer nor seller has any traffic violations on their records, nor does the car. 
  • A valid car insurance policy is in place. 
  • A valid Iqama (for the resident) and a valid personal status card (for Saudis)
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Expatriates and foreigners both meet all of the previously mentioned requirements for transferring ownership of a vehicle.

What Documents Are Required for Vehicle Change of Ownership?

Now that we know the conditions for transferring ownership and the fees for doing so. The following papers will help us complete the process without problems.

  • Pay the prescribed fees
  • Bring a copy of your personal status card. 
  • Original driving license
  • An approved showroom’s sale contract from the same city. 
  • For non-Saudis, bring a copy of the residence permit with identification certified by the sponsor. 
  • A copy of your driver’s license. 
  • If transferring ownership of a diplomatic driving license, a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required.
  • Keep a file to save documents. 

Car Ownership Transfer Procedures

The car showroom or any office that provides vehicle ownership transfer services electronically conducts the transfer procedures once all conditions for transferring ownership of a car are met, as mentioned above. Transportation procedures can be completed with ease at these offices since they are electronically connected to the Traffic Department.

The buyer and seller sign the contract, and then the buyer receives the contract and the car ownership transfer paper before printing the form. The buyer may move within the Kingdom with the car ownership transfer paper.

For the seller, the sale amount can be transferred from the buyer’s bank account at the time of the sale. However, if the cash payment is made through an ordinary uncertified check, the car must be held until the check’s validity and authenticity is confirmed.

How Do I Transfer a Car with Absher?

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can also transfer car ownership via the electronic Absher platform, which is an easy process that requires only:

Request to Transfer Vehicle Ownership

  • You will need to log in to your Absher account.
  • Under Vehicles, click on the “Services” tab.
  • From the online services, choose “Vehicle Ownership Transfer“.
  • Then scroll down and choose “Seller“.

To proceed to the next page, you must;

  • Select the car to transfer ownership.
  • You will need to enter the vehicle’s price.
  • You need to enter the buyer’s Iqama number.
  • Select Gregorian as the calendar type.
  • Choose the buyer’s birth date.
  • Please enter the IBAN of the seller’s account number. This account will receive the proceeds of the car sale.
  • You need to select the region where you want to sell the vehicle.

In the next step, you must accept the terms and conditions of the Absher account in order to apply for a transfer of car ownership in Saudi Arabia online.

  • There is only one hour for the buyer to accept the request.

Accept the Car Ownership Transfer Request

After creating a request through Absher, the buyer can accept or reject it within one hour. The following steps should be taken in order to accomplish that;

  • Access your Absher account by logging in.
  • Under Vehicles, click the “Services” tab.
  • From the online services, select “Vehicle Ownership Transfer“.
  • You can select “Buyer” by scrolling down.

Following that,

  • The car transfer request can be accepted or rejected.
  • You will need to enter the IBAN number of the buyer’s bank account. In the event of a cancellation, the amount will be credited to this account.
  • The region in which the vehicle will be sold must be selected.

To transfer ownership of a car in Saudi Arabia online, you must agree to the terms and conditions. 

In Absher, the payment account number will be displayed. The following is Absher’s bank account information. As of right now, no funds will be released to the seller.

  • There is only a 72-hour deadline for the buyer to make the payment.
  • If the payment is made outside of banking hours, it will not be processed.
  • This price already includes SR 230 for the car transfer fee.

After accepting the request to transfer ownership of a car in Saudi Arabia online through an Absher account, the buyer must make the payment to the designated bank account within 72 hours.

Delivery of the Vehicle

Absher will send an SMS to the buyer and seller following the successful transfer of funds. Using Absher, the seller will deliver the vehicle to the buyer.

For the delivery to be completed, the seller must enter the OTP the buyer received via SMS into his Absher account. The OTP should be given to the seller after the vehicle has been delivered.

Absher will release the payment to the seller once the delivery has been made. This concludes the online process of transferring car ownership through Absher in Saudi Arabia.

Collect the Istimara

After transferring ownership of the car, Istimara must be collected;

  • Make an appointment with Muroor for this purpose.
  • Take your Iqama to the traffic police station.
  • The new Istimara must be collected.

The new Istimara can also be mailed to you. You can do so by scrolling down and;

  • Click on the “Request Delivery of Postal Documents” button.
  • Select your Saudi national address by pressing the “+” button.
  • The delivery request for the phone number must be confirmed.

Your delivery service payment link will be sent via SMS shortly. SR 17.25 is the delivery charge.

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  1. is valid driver licence is required if we transfer car ownership by absher
    or it can be transfered if buyer doesnot have a driving licence.

    • If the new owner is Saudi National, it is not mandatory to have a driver license. If the new owner is non saudi national then the driver license is mandatory

  2. I sold my car and transferred through Abshar on on 27.08.2023, provided my IBAN no.
    But until today I didn’t receive the payments, which was paid by buyer.

    Can anyone guide me how I can get the payment,

    As today date is 04.09.2023 still I don’t receive money.

    Thanks and regards

  3. Hi im Iqama holder of saudia Arabia Right now im out of Kindom so I can sale my car through absheer eletrnoic system All car documents are Valid so i can sale


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