Wrong Parking Fine in Saudi Arabia: Complete Guide

wrong parking fine in saudi arabia

Parking in the wrong place can be a nuisance for other drivers and pedestrians, and it can also be dangerous. In Saudi Arabia, there are strict laws in place regarding parking, and failing to follow these laws can result in a fine.

Penalties for Wrong Parking in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the penalties for wrong parking vary depending on the nature of the violation. The fines are designed to deter drivers from parking incorrectly and to maintain order on the roads.

Parking on Public Roads in Emergencies

When parking on public roads during emergencies, certain precautions must be followed. Failure to do so can result in a fine ranging from 150 to 300 Riyals. The precautions include:

  • Ensuring your vehicle does not obstruct traffic flow
  • Using hazard lights to signal other drivers
  • Moving your vehicle as far off the road as possible

Parking in Spaces Reserved for Persons with Special Needs

Parking in spaces reserved for persons with special needs is a serious violation if the driver does not belong to that category. The Saudi Arabian government has strict rules in place to ensure these spaces are always available for those who truly need them. The penalty for such a violation is a fine ranging from 100 to 150 Riyals.

The rules for parking in these spaces include:

  • Only persons with special needs or those driving them can use these parking spaces.
  • A valid permit or badge indicating the driver or passenger’s special needs status must be clearly displayed in the vehicle.
  • The permit or badge must be valid and not expired.

Failure to adhere to these rules can result in a fine, and repeat offenders may face more severe penalties. It’s crucial to respect these spaces and the individuals they are intended for to maintain an inclusive and accessible environment for all.

Wrong Parking Violations in Saudi Arabia

There are a number of wrong parking violations that can result in a fine in Saudi Arabia. These include:

  • Parking in a place that is not designated for parking.
  • Parking in a place that is designated for loading and unloading.
  • Parking in a place that is designated for emergency vehicles.
  • Parking in a place that is blocked by another vehicle.
  • Parking in a place that is obstructing traffic.
  • Parking in a place that is designated for people with special needs without a valid disability parking permit.
  • Not following precautions required when parking on public roads in emergencies.

How to Avoid Wrong Parking Fines

Avoiding wrong parking fines in Saudi Arabia is straightforward if you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Always park in designated areas
  • Do not park in spaces reserved for persons with special needs unless you belong to that category
  • Follow all precautions when parking on public roads in emergencies
  • Pay attention to parking signs and restrictions


The wrong parking laws in Saudi Arabia are in place to help keep people safe and secure, as well as to ensure that traffic flows smoothly. By following these laws, you can help to make sure that everyone has access to the places they need to go and that the roads are safe for everyone.

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