Most of the running over accidents affecting pedestrians occur at sunset or during the night, because of

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Driving during the night or at sunset poses unique challenges. Among these, poor visibility stands out as a significant concern that often leads to “running over” accidents involving pedestrians. This article explores this issue, discusses why poor visibility at night heightens the risk of accidents, and offers tips for drivers and pedestrians to enhance road safety after dark.

Understanding Poor Visibility at Night

Poor visibility at night stems from a variety of factors, including reduced natural light, glare from oncoming traffic, inadequate street lighting, and challenges seeing pedestrians who may not be wearing reflective or light-colored clothing.

Why Poor Visibility Leads to Running Over Accidents

Most running over accidents involving pedestrians occur at sunset or during the night because:

  1. Reduced Reaction Time: Poor visibility can decrease a driver’s reaction time, as they may not spot a pedestrian until they are dangerously close.
  2. Pedestrian Behavior: Pedestrians may not realize how much their visibility decreases after dark, leading them to take risks, such as crossing roads outside of crosswalks or designated pedestrian areas.

Improving Night-Time Road Safety

Enhancing road safety during the night requires concerted efforts from both drivers and pedestrians:

  1. For Drivers: Drivers should reduce speed to compensate for decreased visibility and reaction time. They should also be particularly alert in areas with high pedestrian traffic.
  2. For Pedestrians: Pedestrians should wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight to increase their visibility. They should also always cross at designated areas and avoid darting out into traffic.
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