The blind area is known as

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A blind area is a place where drivers are unable to see without turning their heads. They are usually located on the sides or behind vehicles.

Understanding the Blind Area

The blind area in driving refers to the area around a vehicle that the driver cannot directly see without moving their head or adjusting the mirrors. It is typically located over the driver’s shoulder on the sides of the vehicle. Blind areas can also occur directly behind the vehicle, particularly in larger cars and trucks.

The Significance of the Blind Area

Recognizing the existence and location of your vehicle’s blind area is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Enhanced Safety: Understanding your blind area can help prevent collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, or objects that may be hidden from your direct line of sight.
  2. Improved Maneuvering: Awareness of blind areas is particularly important when changing lanes, reversing, or parking.
  3. Legal Implications: Failing to check blind areas can lead to traffic violations or liability in case of accidents.

Tips for Navigating the Blind Area

Navigating your vehicle’s blind area effectively requires conscious effort and practice:

  1. Adjust Your Mirrors: Properly adjust your side and rear-view mirrors to provide the widest field of vision. Each mirror should cover a different area around your vehicle.
  2. Turn Your Head: Before changing lanes or making any manoeuvres, always turn your head to check your blind areas manually.
  3. Use Technology: Many modern vehicles come equipped with blind spot monitoring systems that alert the driver to hidden vehicles or obstacles.
  4. Be Aware of Other Vehicles’ Blind Spots: Keep in mind that other vehicles, especially larger ones like trucks and buses, have larger blind areas. Avoid lingering in these zones.


Navigating the blind area is a crucial aspect of safe driving. The simple act of turning your head to check your blind spots or adjusting your mirrors correctly can be the difference between a close call and a collision.

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