A circular sign with a White Color background and red frames always indicates:

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In Saudi Arabia, as in many other countries, a circular sign with a white background and red frames is universally recognized as a prohibition sign.

Identifying Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs are crucial to road safety, indicating actions or maneuvers that drivers are not allowed to perform in specific areas. They are typically circular, featuring a red border and a white background. The symbol or pictogram in the center, usually in black, specifies the exact nature of the prohibited action.

What Prohibition Signs Indicate

Prohibition signs may indicate several different restrictions, including:

  1. No Entry: Often represented by a horizontal line, this sign means vehicles are not allowed to enter the roadway.
  2. No U-Turn: A curved arrow with a line through it signifies that U-turns are prohibited.
  3. No Overtaking: This sign, featuring two vehicles side by side, indicates that overtaking or passing is not allowed.

Understanding and Respecting Prohibition Signs

Recognizing and obeying prohibition signs is crucial for road safety. Not only can violations lead to penalties and fines, but ignoring these signs can also put the driver, passengers, and other road users at risk. Hence, drivers must respect these signs and adjust their driving behavior accordingly.

I'm Waheed Akhtar, a driving enthusiast in Saudi Arabia. My passion for road safety and education drives me to share valuable insights from my personal journey. Let's connect.


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