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A crossing warning gate is located at the vehicle entry point of the crossing zone.

A Railway Intersection Traffic Sign is a specific type of traffic sign designed to warn drivers about an upcoming railway intersection. It is typically characterized by a circular sign with a red border and a black symbol of a train on tracks.

This universally recognized sign is crucial for alerting drivers to prepare for a potential train crossing and take necessary precautions.

The Importance of the Railway Intersection Traffic Sign

The Railway Intersection Traffic Sign is a vital element of road safety. It provides drivers with a warning well in advance of the railway crossing, allowing them to slow down, prepare to stop if necessary, and proceed with caution. Ignoring or misunderstanding this sign can lead to dangerous situations, including collisions with trains.

Understanding and Respecting the Sign

When you see a Railway Intersection Traffic Sign, it’s essential to take immediate action. Slow down and prepare to stop. Look both ways for approaching trains. If a train is coming, stop and wait for it to pass before proceeding. Remember, trains cannot stop quickly, and trying to beat a train can have disastrous consequences.

In many areas, additional signs or signals accompany the Railway Intersection Traffic Sign, such as flashing red lights, a lowering gate, or a bell. These signals provide further warning of an approaching train.

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