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Points Deleted from Driver’s Log in Saudi Arabia After a Year

A Saudi Arabian driver’s log will be cleared of points if a year has passed since his or her last violation without a violation occurring. This means that any points that were accumulated during that time will be removed, and the driver will start with a clean slate.

How Points Are Accumulated

Drivers in Saudi Arabia are assigned points for traffic violations. The number of points that are assigned depends on the severity of the violation. For example, speeding may result in 3 points.

How Points Are Deleted

Points are deleted from a driver’s log after a year has passed since the last violation. This means that if a driver accumulates 12 points, but then goes a year without any violations, the points will be deleted and the driver will have a clean slate.

What Happens If a Driver Accumulates Too Many Points

If a driver accumulates too many points, their license may be suspended. The number of points that are required to suspend a license varies depending on the severity of the violations.

How to Avoid Accumulating Points

The best way to avoid accumulating points is to obey traffic laws. If you do get a traffic violation, be sure to pay the fine and try not to get any more violations in the future.

Additional Information

  • The Traffic Police in Saudi Arabia is responsible for enforcing traffic laws and issuing points to drivers.
  • Drivers can check their points online or by calling the Traffic Police.
  • Drivers can appeal a points decision if they believe that it is incorrect.


Points are deleted from a driver’s log in Saudi Arabia after a year has passed since the last violation. This means that drivers have the opportunity to start with a clean slate if they can go a year without any violations.

By obeying the traffic laws, drivers can help to keep themselves and others safe on the roads and avoid accumulating points that could lead to a license suspension.

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