Can I Drive in Saudi Arabia with Bangladeshi License

drive in saudi arabia with bangladeshi license

The answer to whether one can drive in Saudi Arabia with a Bangladeshi license is yes, but certain conditions must be met.

If you are a citizen of Bangladesh and hold a valid international driving permit (IDP) or a Bangladeshi driving license, you are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia for up to three months. However, after this period, you will need to obtain a local license to drive legally. In order to get a Saudi Arabian driving license, you must first complete a written test and then pass an on-road driving exam.

Drive in Saudi Arabia with Bangladeshi License

BRTA does not issue International Driving Permits. Automobile Association of Bangladesh issues International Driving Permit.

To drive legally in Saudi Arabia with a Bangladeshi license, you must first obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) from the Automobile Association of Bangladesh (AAB). Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) does not issue International Driving Permits. Automobile Association of Bangladesh issues International Driving Permit. An IDP is recognized as valid identification and authorizes a driver to operate motor vehicles in other countries. The IDP is valid for up to 1 year, and it can be easily obtained by submitting an application form and relevant documents at any AAB office or sub-office in Bangladesh. 

Temporary Driving License

In addition to obtaining an International Driving Permit, visitors must also have a valid visa issued by the Saudi Arabian government before entering the country. Those who wish to drive while in Saudi Arabia must also be 18 or above and obtain a temporary driving license from the local traffic department upon arrival. The relevant paperwork needs to be completed, and fees paid before being allowed to take any road trips in Saudi Arabia with a Bangladeshi license.

The procedure for getting a quick driving permit may vary since each city in Saudi Arabia has its own traffic department where applications can be processed. However, it generally requires presenting ID documents such as

  • Passport
  • Photographs,
  • Paying fees and
  • Having an eye test if necessary.

Some cities may require additional documents such as police certificates of good conduct, references from employers, and health certificates, depending on individual circumstances. It is important to note that visitors who plan on staying longer than 180 days need to apply for a permanent driving license at the desired regional traffic department instead of applying for a temporary one

Our comprehensive guide to obtaining a Saudi driving license can make the process seamless for you. Our application offers an array of practice theory test questions and road signs to give you a better understanding of what’s expected from drivers in this region. With our help, achieving your Saudi Driving License is easy!

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Tips for Drivers with Bangladeshi Driving Licenses in Saudi Arabia

drive in saudi arabia with bangladeshi license

Driving in Saudi Arabia with a Bangladesh driving license can be challenging, as the rules and regulations vary from those in Bangladesh. It is important to become familiar with the laws of Saudi Arabia before embarking on your journey. Here are some tips for safely and effectively navigating Saudi Arabian roads when driving with a foreign license: 

  • First, make sure you have an International Driving Permit (IDP) issued in your home country. An IDP will be a valid form of identification for police officers should you be stopped for any reason. Ensure that both your IDP and Bangladesh license are up-to-date and valid, as expired documents can lead to hefty fines or even imprisonment.
  • Second, it is essential to become familiar with the traffic laws of Saudi Arabia before beginning your travels. This includes understanding the speed limits, which vary depending on road conditions and vehicle type and stopping distances at intersections. Make sure to adhere to these rules at all times, as failure could result in a hefty fine or other penalties
  • Third, use caution when traveling at night – visibility will likely be limited due to poorly lit streets or lack of streetlights altogether. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal throughout Saudi Arabia and carries strict penalties; if you are found guilty of this offense, you could face serious consequences such as jail time or deportation. Moreover, certain areas of Saudi Arabia restrict women from driving; if you are female, ensure that you follow these regulations closely while on the road. 
  • Finally, it is recommended that you carry adequate insurance coverage while driving in Saudi Arabia; although not compulsory throughout all regions in the country, it will provide valuable protection should anything go wrong during your journey. Furthermore, ensure that your car is licensed according to the requirements set forth by local authorities – this may involve registering online or taking paperwork to the local post office before beginning your trip. 


I hope now you will know the answer if you can drive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a Bangladeshi license; while it is possible to drive in Saudi Arabia with a Bangladeshi license, visitors should ensure they follow all necessary guidelines and regulations set out by both countries to avoid any legal issues while behind the wheel.

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