How to Get a Saudi Driving License – Procedure

how to get get saudi driving license

Let’s learn how to get a Saudi driving license. If you are living or visiting Saudi Arabia, driving your vehicle is the best means of transportation. But the question is how to get a Saudi driving license. What is the procedure for a KSA driver’s License? Well, today, we are going to answer that particular question.

How to Get Saudi Driving License

If you want to obtain a Saudi driving license, you have to fulfill certain requirements. First, be sure what kind of driving-license do you want, as there are six types of driving licenses in the Kingdom.

Types of Driving License

For a driving license, you have to collect some necessary documents.

Documents Required for Saudi Driving License

First of all, collect these documents:

  • Original Iqamah.
  • Photocopy of Iqama.
  • Photocopy of Passport.
  • Driving License of your country.
  • If expatriate, translation of foreign driving license in Arabic from an approved translation institute.
  • Passport-size photographs.
  • Medical report (Blood Group Test)
  • Application Form
  • License fee. If you have a driving license, then 100 SAR; otherwise, 435 SAR.

If you already have a driving license and it is not in Arabic, then you must translate it into Arabic. An approved institute must do the translation. Do not worry; the agents near a driving school can help you. You can also take help from locals.

If you already have a license, you don’t have to take theory classes. You need an appointment for the final test. Just revise all the basics about driving and go for the test. Prepare yourself for a computer theory test as well.

Medical Examination

A medical examination for the driver’s license must be obtained at an approved clinic or hospital.

Saudi Diriving License Procedure

Once you have all the required documents, you must go to one of the driving schools located in the city where you live, such as Dallah School in Riyadh.

You can go to a nearby shop and get the application form or download it here and fill it out yourself. The shop guy may charge you up to 15 Riyal. Then prepare a file with all the documents. They can do it inside the school, but it is better to do it yourself and share that file with the officer.

Now go to room number 2. There they will do an eye-sight checkup, and one officer will check all your documents and filled form and will stamp them. Then he will ask you to go to the ‘License check’ counter. The officer will stamp your documents once again and send you for a ‘First try.’

You can choose Automatic or Manual. If you choose Automatic, then you can only drive automatic vehicles. If you choose a manual License, then you can drive both.

Saudi First Try Test

Saudi first-try test is nothing. It is to check if you know some basics of driving. The guy in the car will ask you to drive a little. Just forward and then reverse. The guy will be an observer how is your approach and how confident you are.

When you sit in the car, adjust the seat, wear the seatbelt and check the mirrors. The guy may pressurize you but do not get panic; behave normally and focus on driving.

Be sure to know some basic Arabic words related to driving. The guy may not speak English or any other language.
In the end, the guy will comment on your file like A (Alif), B, C, or D based on his assessment.

If it is an A, you are ready for the final test; otherwise, you must take training classes based on his remarks.

Dallah Driving School Timings

In case you have to take training classes. Register at the nearby Dallah driving school. The Dallah schools are in all the major cities and operate in two shifts.

Day Shift: 7:00 to 12:00

Evening Shift: 15:00 to 19:00

You need to confirm the timings with the school as well. Timings can be different during Ramadan and on other occasions. Better to check with your school.

The school training fee is about 435 SAR.

Final Driving Test

There are five major parts to the driving test. Better to practice all. Here it is:

  • Zigzag Path
  • Reverse
  • Speed up
  • Break Application
  • Height-inclined start/stop

If you clear the driving test, they will give you a date for a Reverse Parking and computer test, ‘The Ishara Test (Signal Test).’

NOTE: Before you attempt the final driving test or computer signal test. Please go through Saudi Driving License Book. Read it once to have a better understanding.

Saudi Driving Computer Test

The reverse parking test is simple and straightforward, but the Ishara Test (Signal Test) can be tricky. You can be a great driver, but you can still fail this test if you need more knowledge about road signals and signs. Break down of the final computer test.

  • Touch screen computer test.
  •  20 questions in 30 minutes.
  •  Only two mistakes are allowed.
  •  You can skip the question as well. There will be a new question.

To practice Saudi driving license computer test questions. Download our official app. It will help you to clear your driving license on the first try.

Saudi driving license test dallah app
iphone saudi driving license test app

If you clear the test, then congratulations, you have done it. Now go to room number 1 and look for ‘License Delivery.’ Now, wait for your turn, and they will hand you a new Kingdom driver’s License.


Q: Legal age to apply for a driving license in Saudi Arabia 

A: You are eligible when you are 18 years old.

Q: What is the license validation period? 

A: Your License is valid for the next ten years. 

Q: What if I fail the final driving test? 

A: You have three tries. If you fail thrice, you have to start again from the beginning with a new file. 

Q: I have a UAE driver’s License. Do I still need a KSA driving license?

A: No. Go to the Murror office; they will keep your UAE driver’s License and issue a KSA driver’s License

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  2. Hi,

    I am new in Saudi Arab, and in Jeddah City, I went to Dallah Driving School Jeddah today they told me to take appoint of Al Shumaisy Driving School and will name it as new driving License. I already have Pakistani Driving License. will I get some expansion as I already have other country driving license. and how much time it will take to get Driving license.


    Yasir Shaikh

    • Aslamualykum.. I have light kingdom drive licences and I want medium licences . So what requirements in haqama . My profession is aamil in haqama plz tell me thanking you

  3. Dear Respected Staff,

    I am from Pakistan and i have Pakistani international driving license, i want to know that is valid in the kingdom or any concession in fee to get Saudi driving license?
    Please help me in this matter.

  4. Dear Anam,


    I need some clarification from your end. I have an Oman driving License. Do I still need a KSA driving license?

    Can I get a license without test to submit the Oman driving license to Driving School?

  5. I previously resided in Saudi Arabia and have a license. I had left Saudi Arabia for three years. My new position is in Saudi Arabia. My license is still valid until right now. Should I retake the driving test to get the license, is what I’m wondering. Do I need to retake the license test? I’m doing this because my iqamah could alter.

    Appreciate your valuable information on this matter

  6. I have Philippines Driver’s License, do I need to undergo all the process? what is the easy way to have a kingdom’s driver’s license?

  7. I completed my computer test in Jeddah on January 9, 2024, and went for practical training on January 13, 2024. I was thinking that my final driving test would be taken on the same day. However, they again gave me a new appointment date of January 28, 2024, for the final practical test. I was supposed to relocate from Jeddah to Riyadh on January 18, 2024. I don’t know what to do. Can we give this final driving test in Riyadh instead of Jeddah and get the license?


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