If a driver runs the red light, the number of points to be registered against him is

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The Severity of Running a Red Light

Running a red light is one of the most serious traffic violations due to the high risk it poses to all road users. It shows a disregard for traffic laws and puts the driver, passengers, and others on the road in potential danger. To curb such reckless behavior, Saudi Arabia’s traffic laws impose severe penalties.

The Consequence: 12 Penalty Points

In Saudi Arabia, if a driver runs a red light, 12 points are registered against their driving record. This hefty penalty underscores the gravity of this violation and its potential to cause serious accidents.

Understanding the Points System

The points system in Saudi Arabia is a part of traffic regulations designed to deter reckless driving. Accumulating points can lead to penalties ranging from fines to suspension of the driving license. With the 12-point penalty for running a red light, drivers are pushed to recognize the seriousness of this violation and drive more responsibly.

Promoting Road Safety: Respect the Lights

The 12-point penalty for running a red light serves as a harsh reminder to respect traffic signals. Adhering to these signals is essential for maintaining safety and order on the roads. It’s not just about avoiding points on your license; it’s about ensuring the well-being of yourself and others on the road.

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