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It is an Electric current sign in Saudi Arabia. These signs should be displayed when there is a danger from high voltage or a risk of a hazard from high voltage. High voltage usually refers to electricity that is able to cause harm or death to living things.

Electric Current Sign Meaning

The Electric Current Sign in Saudi Arabia is a universally recognized symbol for electrical hazards. It typically features a yellow or white background with a bold, black symbol representing a lightning bolt, indicative of electrical energy. This sign is often displayed in areas where there is a risk of exposure to high-voltage electricity.

The Role of the Electric Current Sign

Understanding and respecting the Electric Current Sign is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Warning of Danger: This sign serves as a warning about potential electrical hazards, such as electrocution or electrical fires.
  2. Prevention of Accidents: By alerting individuals to the presence of high voltage, it helps prevent accidents and injuries.
  3. Legal Compliance: It’s a legal requirement to display this sign in areas with potential electrical hazards in Saudi Arabia. Failure to do so can result in penalties.

High Voltage: A Lethal Force

High voltage refers to electrical energy at levels that can cause harm or death to living beings. This can range from severe burns to fatal electrocution. The Electric Current Sign serves as a critical warning against these potential dangers.

Responding to the Electric Current Sign

When you encounter an Electric Current Sign, here’s how you should respond:

  1. Be Alert: Recognize the presence of a potential electrical hazard.
  2. Keep Distance: Stay as far away as possible from the area marked by the sign.
  3. Do Not Touch: Never touch any equipment, wires, or installations in the area.
  4. Report Unmarked Dangers: If you observe a potential electrical hazard without a sign, report it to the relevant authorities.


The Electric Current Sign plays a crucial role in electrical safety in Saudi Arabia. It serves as a vital warning against the dangers of high-voltage electricity, protecting people from potential harm.

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