Overtaking is prohibited in heights and bends for the following reasons

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Understanding Overtaking Restrictions

Overtaking restrictions in heights and bends are often indicated by road signs featuring two cars side by side within a red circle, sometimes with a diagonal line across. These signs are in place to prohibit overtaking, predominantly due to the challenges associated with visibility in these areas.

When driving in hilly regions or around bends, your view of oncoming traffic is severely limited. Without clear sight of the opposite direction, the risk of head-on collisions drastically increases when attempting to overtake.

Consequences of Ignoring Overtaking Restrictions

Ignoring overtaking restrictions in heights and bends can lead to catastrophic outcomes:

  1. Increased Risk of Collision: Without a clear view of oncoming traffic, you’re blindly putting yourself and others in potential danger.
  2. Loss of Vehicle Control: Sudden manoeuvres to avoid a collision could lead to loss of vehicle control, causing rollovers or crashes.
  3. Legal Penalties: Disregarding overtaking restrictions is a traffic violation that can result in hefty fines, points on your driving record, or even license suspension.

Safe Driving in Heights and Bends

While navigating heights and bends, remember to:

  1. Adhere to Speed Limits: These areas usually have lower speed limits to ensure drivers can react in time to unexpected situations.
  2. Observe Road Signs: Pay extra attention to road signs, as they provide vital information about the road ahead.
  3. Avoid Overtaking: Even if you’re behind a slow driver, wait until it’s safe and legal to overtake. Patience can save lives on the road.
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