Researchers and studies confirm that safety belt helps to

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When there is an accident, seat belts prevent you from rolling around the vehicle. It is designed so that in the event of a collision, the seat belts will expand a little. As a result, the body’s momentum takes longer to return to zero, reducing the force acting on it.

Safety Belts: Mandatory in Saudi Arabia and Proven to Reduce Injuries

In Saudi Arabia, it is mandatory for all drivers and passengers to wear safety belts. This is because safety belts have been proven to reduce the risk of injuries and severe damage in car accidents.

How Safety Belts Work

Safety belts work by keeping the driver and passengers in place during a crash. This helps to prevent them from being thrown from the vehicle or hitting the dashboard or windshield. Safety belts also help to distribute the force of the crash over a larger area of the body, which can help to reduce the severity of injuries.

Research Studies

There have been many research studies that have shown the effectiveness of safety belts in reducing injuries and damage in car accidents. One study by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Transportation (MOT) found that seat belts reduce the risk of death by 45% and the risk of serious injury by 50%. Another study by the Traffic Police Department found that seat belts reduce the risk of death by 80% in head-on crashes and 60% in side-impact crashes.

Tips for Wearing a Safety Belt

  • Adjust the shoulder belt so that it rests snugly across your shoulder and chest.
  • Make sure that the lap belt is positioned low across your hips and that it does not ride up under your stomach.
  • Do not wear a safety belt under your arm or behind your back.
  • If you are pregnant, you should wear the lap belt below your belly and the shoulder belt across your chest.


Safety belts are an essential safety device that can help to save lives and prevent injuries. If you are a driver or passenger in Saudi Arabia, it is important to always wear your seat belt.

I'm Waheed Akhtar, a driving enthusiast in Saudi Arabia. My passion for road safety and education drives me to share valuable insights from my personal journey. Let's connect.


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