To move between trucks, the driver should use

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Indicator light signals, also known as turn signals or blinkers, are crucial communication tools in vehicles. They allow drivers to signal their intentions to other road users, particularly when changing lanes or making turns. When navigating between trucks, these signals become even more critical due to the trucks’ size and the blind spots associated with them.

Role of Indicator Light Signals in Moving Between Trucks

Using indicator light signals while moving between trucks serves several purposes:

  • Communication: Indicator light signals communicate your intention to change lanes or turn, giving other drivers time to adjust their driving accordingly.
  • Safety: By signalling your intentions, you reduce the risk of collisions caused by sudden lane changes.
  • Legal Requirement: In many jurisdictions, using indicator light signals is a legal requirement, and failing to use them can result in fines or penalties.

How to Use Indicator Light Signals When Moving Between Trucks

Here are some steps to follow when using indicator light signals to move between trucks:

  1. Check Your Surroundings: Before turning on your indicator, check your mirrors and blind spots for other vehicles, particularly other trucks.
  2. Signal in Advance: Turn on your indicator light signal well in advance of your lane change or turn. This gives other drivers ample time to react to your signal.
  3. Change Lanes Gradually: Once you’ve signalled your intention, change lanes smoothly and gradually, ensuring you have enough space to move between trucks safely.
  4. Turn Off Your Signal: Once you’ve completed your lane change or turn, remember to turn off your indicator light signal.


Using indicator light signals is a simple yet effective way to enhance safety when moving between trucks. These signals communicate your intentions to other drivers, reducing the risk of collisions and ensuring smoother traffic flow.

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