A white continuous line with broken line at the other side indicates

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Understanding the Continuous and Broken Line Road Marking

This road marking typically consists of a continuous white line on one side of the lane, with a broken line on the other. The positioning and nature of these lines communicate specific traffic instructions to drivers on either side of the marking.

Interpreting the ‘No Passing or Turning Left’ Indication

When you see a continuous line on your side of the road with a broken line on the other side, it typically means that you are not allowed to pass other vehicles or make a left turn. This rule is implemented to prevent accidents and collisions that might result from unsafe maneuvers in areas where visibility is limited, traffic is heavy, or the road conditions are otherwise not suitable for such actions.

On the other hand, drivers on the side with the broken line have more flexibility; they can usually pass other vehicles or make left turns when it’s safe to do so, as the broken line signifies a less restrictive traffic rule.

Promoting Road Safety with Adequate Road Marking Knowledge

Understanding road markings, including the continuous and broken line combination, is crucial for maintaining safety and order on the road. These markings provide vital guidelines for safe driving, and respecting them reduces the risk of accidents and promotes smoother traffic flow.

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